Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Changing rooms

When one door closes... another shall open!

It is time to go through that new door into a room called PERU. A room I never knew would exist in my life. It amazes me with how much God works in a persons life and he sure has done his share. It is time for me to show hime that his GIFTS will not go to waste.

Let me tell you are Peru:
I will be leaving on August 17 for Peru with two other volunteers (Alyssa and Michael). We will be working at Cuidad De Los Ninos which is a boys home and school. Our roles have not been defined yet. We are the first volunteers to serve in Cap Corps in Peru. So, we are sort of the test group. I will be going with very little spanish and a great will to learn the language. The length of service is 18 months. Within 6 months, I should be at a Spanish 102 level (I hope). I am truly excited about this challenge.

Looking back:
In the past two weeks, International Cap Corps serves have been attending a Ecumenical Orientation. We have meet other international volunteers from ECLA, RCA, PC-USA and one lucky one from Episcopal. We went through sessions on Racism, Sexism, Cross-Cultural conflicts and relationships, learned about Islam and went to visit a Mosque, safety and contingency planning, and other topics. Each one provided something to take with us on our mission.
Everybody had a great story to share and it was fun to get to know them personally. I hope we get to stay in touch through out our periods of service. The number one thing I learned was: Go without expectation and know that you will learn.