Monday, October 26, 2009

Because someone asked me too :)

1 de Octubre hasta 17 de Octubre:
Everything has been the same during this period. I would meet my house for breakfast at 6:30am, leave for school at 8am, come back at about 1:45pm for lunch and work til 8:30p or 9pm. I did take a day each week though to have lunch with my classmates. We at a restaurant called "Rustica". During lunch time at certain ones they have a buffet for S./29.99. That is pretty cheap when you convert it to dolares. I also ate at a restaurant called "La Favorita", there I had 'Salchipapa'. It is hotdog, fries, a fried egg, and salad on the side. It was pretty good. On our weekend off we went to Barranco for dinner. Life has been pretty calm here. Though my profesora did mention that Octubre is teremoto month. They range from 2-7. In 2007, one of them wiped out a whole city.

18 de Octubre:

Baptismal Day...Alyssa, Michael, and I became Madrinas/Padrino. Michael and I have the same child (though Michael also has one more). Our child's name is Bradish, he is about 13/14 years old and super cute. His family is super nice. There was a bit of a concern about being Madrina and Padrino here. Alyssa found out that in Peru the concept has gotten so obscurred that they have become the Material givers. It should be an interesting rest of our time here with that.

22 de Octubre:

Holy Communion Day...We decided to get Bradish a camisa (buttoned shirt), Biblia, candle, and bookmark. Mass was nice, but what was weird was what happened afterward. They took the kids the comedor for a celebration meal. But, just the children. The parents (who decided too) stood outside watching the kids eat. We had a volleyball game and our waiting was cutting into that. Volleyball game was intense. A few of the women we played with were super competitive and I don't think I helped at all. It was very intimidating. Especially, when all the children were watching us play.

23 de Octubre:

Confirmation Day... Michael's child got confirmed, so did Bradish's brother. Alyssa and I went to support them and in the process of being there. Alyssa got asked to sit in for the sponsor of sobrino de su ahijado (cousin of her god child).

24/25 de Octubre:

The 24th was a set-up day for the anniversario. A lot of food preparation and working with the kids.
On the 25th, we had our 54th Anniversay celebration. It was great. There was tons of food from Pachamanca to Anticuchos. My house made Panchamanca which I ate. It is made of Chicken/pork, potatoe, soybean, and corn. I also tried Anticucho (Cow heart). The muscle part was yummy, but the tissue can be quit chew. You can just bite right through it. For dessert, I had rice with milk. We also had a performance section. All of the 9 houses performed plus a special one. My kids did a dance from Huancaya. They were super cute even though they didn't really know the dance. 6 of the house did traditional dances and they were all great. The last number was done by some volunteers from the U.S. They did a mix of 3 songs: hula, line dancing, and "Beat it". They were pretty good. LOL, it was actually a bit scary, but everybody loved it. This was the first time they had a hula performed. Plus, we got bombarded about Michael Jackson afterwards and some of the boys wanted to try out the poi ball. All in all, it was a great day.

That is all for now, I will try to update more frequently... Hasta Luego!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Por que no escuches?

A month and a half has passed and I am still here.

Today (10/1/09), I am drained. I have 6 weeks of spanish under my belt and I feel as if i only have 2 weeks. yo se, yo se... we always put ourselves down. For some reason, my kids have a tendency to not listen to me and tease me. At first, it was funny now it is irritating.
I have 22 boys and 1 girl to take care of. Yes, I know all by name. Tonight, I broke a kid down. This boy has tendency to play instead of doing his homework. Well, he wanted my help (ayudame, hermana x10). I refused because he was very disrespectul to me earlier in the day. I asked him why is disrespectful to me? Why doesn't he listen to me? I finally told him that for me to help him I need him to listen to me. I asked him if he can do that. He didn't answer me. I asked 2 more times, then I asked him if it was difficult. By then, he was in tears and answered yes. We got down to the root of the problem. I have decided to work more closely with him to help him.
Language school is going well. I am speaking a lot more and learning alot. i have decided that I don't like the past tense. I wish everything was in present. There is just to much past tense to remember. I was happy to learn 'por' and 'para'. my classmates and I have decided to have lunch once a week together. This past week we ate at 'Rustica', a peruvian restaurant. Michael and Alyssa joined us. A few people had anticucho (cow heart). I had the chicken, lol.
That's all for now... But I will right more if you just ask me.