Friday, July 22, 2011

The by-stander theory

In the past month, life has been a test. For my kids, for my tutors, for my roommate, and especially for ME! It just feels as if God is dishing out test after test to everyone. Like he has something huge planned out for all of us.

About two weeks ago, I was faced with the test of the 'By-Stander'. What God wanted to see in this test was the actions I would take in a certain situation. About two weeks ago on a Saturday I was heading back from a lovely 7 hour hangout with a friend who I haven't seen in a very long time. As I was walking to CDLN, I first came across a man peeing in public (typical men). So, I ignored him (Check). As I continued to walk, I decided to check my surroundings and when I looked back the man that was peeing had a man in a business suit by the neck while two other men where robbing him and ripping at his clothes. This was all done in public with cars passing by and about 20 people walkng away or towards them. A taxi driver honked at them and a couple was walking towards them. I on the other hand turned away and kept walking not liking myself because I knew I couldn't do anything.

As I continued on my way about 30 feet away from me a man ran in front of me with a piece of lumber in his hand and threw it at a taxi that was passing by on my right. I kept walking a bit shocked. So, I said a 'Hail Mary' and didn't stop my pace. As I kept walking two other men joined the first man. In the end, I made it back safely to the compound that is CDLN.

The second test was a partner test. Last weekend Jeanette and I went to have Chifa (Peruvian style chinese) for lunch. On the way to the restaurant we witnessed a domestic abuse with an older man and a younger women. He kicked a slapped her into the car as she hit him back. But, of course he had the upper hand a got her in the head. Jeanette wanted to do something. I fought the urge to yell out, 'OH, DIOS MIO! POR QUE DIOS?' Our staring the man done made a women that was passing by look also and she said something but I don't know if it was what stopped the two from fighting. We said a 'hail mary' and prayed for the two of them.

In the first test, God has taught me to always make sure that I am safe and to not put myself in danger (like how I did in the past). Also to pray no matter what.

In the second test, God has taught me that if what you want to say doesn't sound good in your head, then don't say it at all. Also to pray ino matter what.

Lesson learned: Prayer for and with others for 'when two or more is gathered in his name he is there.'