Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 out of 6 months hasn't been so bad

It has been a few days over 4 months since I returned from Peru.  WOW!  I can't even believe it has been that long.  It feels as if I just came back maybe a month ago.  So, much has happen in those 4 months that I feel it fair to start from the beginning.  February 14, 2012 marks a milestone in my life (just think about it next valentine's day makes one year O_o)  I stayed with my sister in New Hampshire for a week before heading to Detroit for the closing ceremony.  It was a beautiful ending to a marvelous experience (All thanks to Cap Corps Midwest). 
During that retreat week God opened my heart and mind to alot of options for my life.  One being a return to Detroit and seeing about getting hired as a peer mentor for the prevention department at "Alternatives For Girls".  I really liked that idea and made plans to make that happen.  But, unfortunately I had a few demons to deal with which prevented that option from happening. 
This lead me to "Give up"... something that I am all too familiar with.  It wasn't until after the first wedding I was to attend that I was tired of 'Giving up'.  So, I took a stand and gave up on 'Giving up'.  I must say I bested myself with that one because it made trying to find a job all that much interesting.  I applied for two jobs (one an on-call and another a full-time).  Well, the on-call job was easy to get :)  But, I went through mud and grim to get the other (which in the end only being a 2-month contract). 
I have never had to work so hard at getting a job.  A job at the time that I wanted sooooooo badly.  I had to do things that was not of my character, like call -more than once mind you-  to see if I was still being considered.  The week before they were to start their summer program, I received the call and was asked to go for orientation the next day, so that the following day I could start working.  Everything went so fast that I didn't even get a chance to think. 
Life has been much more alive since I got the job.  The busyness of it all has been very welcoming.  I am loving it.  Though it doesn't have the same demand as my work in Peru.  It makes me miss that life and the routine of it all.  The constant work that needs to be done and the challenges that come with them. 
God has been listening very attentively to me for the past year because he has given me the biggest challenge that I could ask for.  He has blessed me with the work of being the president of my churches Youth and Young Adult Ministry.  What does that involve?  Well, that is one of my challenges... trying to figure it out.  LOL, I have gotten feedback from so many (once again doing things that I rarely do, yet am skilled at).  I am glad that HE has all this faith in me because I feel as if I don't have enough.  God is never wrong in what HE does and I trust him in this decision. He gave me the background (college) and experiences (Cap Corps Midwest) to utilize.

2 more months and it will be half a year away from Peru.  I know I won't be prepared for it, but I will remain open to it.  I will update you all in 2 months :)

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