Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A path worth taking...

Gosh, who would have thought that I would doing one of these things.  First, I would like to thank Mark for blogging his journey I guess I need a bit of push in this direction. 

I hope everyone's year has been good and their holiday was grand.  These two days are going to be a great time to reflect on how this past year has gone and I encourage you all to do so.  As for me, I will do it right now.  The following things are what I am thankful for this 2008 year:

1.  Friends who understood my absence.
2. Friends who understood why I chose to return to that job.
3. My family who I rarely saw, but always felt near me.
4. Adam Barry, Brenda Beyers, Billy Kostenbader, Kristopher Cole, Sarah Lim, and Jerry a.k.a Hommie for sharing yourselves Fall 2007; It was an awesome semester of craziness.
5. Ryan Lebre and Angie Carlton for being great Campus Ministers, you may not have felt or seen it, but your work was greatly appreciated.  
6. The Family Resource department for making it a major.... I learned so much about life through them that it has prepped me for the worst.
7. Newmanites (you all know who you are) for making my church time a fun time; it was a roller coaster at first, but ended as smooth sailing.  Thanks for the ride.
8. Shamara Brown for being a super supporter of my decision.  I can see why we are blood related.  Remember, your dreams can come true too :)
9. Kennith for always keeping me in your thoughts.  Your random 'Hi's' has helped me in sad situations.  Please continue...
10.  Natasha Soriano for being an older sister to me.  It is always a relief to have someone is willing to take care of you.  I haven't had that type of relationship, When I think or it ever.  
11.  Alex Everson for being my Yang.  We are like opposite twins and I promise you 2009 holds more visits.
12.  Gwen Meyer and Derek Lehecka for being supportive roommates as I go on this journey of simple living.  I know that we all have our own interpretations, but somewhere in all of our ideas there is one that the 3 of us do agree with.  Let's travel in 2009, o.k.?
13.  Shelly Roder for seeing potential in me.  I thank God everyday for our meeting.  You have done so much to get me to where I am at and I greatly thank you for that.
14.  Lastly, I would like to thank GOD for keeping me sane and not allowing me to give up when I wanted to soooooo badly.  Without His constant pep-talk, I wouldn't be here.  He truly makes me happy and deserves a vacation or break :)

It has been a hard year and I am greatful for the challenge that it brought.  My mother smiles down from heaven everyday and though her physical self cannot be seen by all she is still beautiful.  I can say that she had to do something with where I am at....

2008 was a fun, loving, sad, happy, and crazy year.  I don't expect less from 2009 :)