Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's been 10 days wince my last post then again who is counting.

Learning spanish makes me tired and working with kids everday easily makes you sick.

The one thing I should have brought with me to Peru is a medicine kit. Gracias, Jesus por Alyssa :)

It has been a week and two days of spanish lessons with the regular work each day and well the first few days were pretty tough. So, our schedule goes as follows:

5:00-5:45am Wake-up and get ready for the day.
6:30am-7am Breakfast
7:am-8am Cleaning the house (Bathrooms and both homework areas)
8am-1:40 or 2pm Spanish Lessons at El Sol
1:40 or 2pm- 2:15pm Lunch
2:15pm-5:00pm play or homework time
5:pm-5:30pm The kids change clothes and take a shower
5:30pm-6:15pm TV/Movie time
6:30p-6:45pm Dinner
7pm-7:45pm Praise and worship
8pm-bedtime Left over homework/ get ready for bed
Note: This schedule is only for Alyssa and I... Michael has a completely different schedule. Within two weeks this is our week day schedule.

The weekends look like this:
7am Breakfast
7:45am Deep Clean of the house (everybody helps out)
9am play time/ homework
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm More play
5:45pm Dinner
6:15pm Movie/TV (my house watches two movies at this time)
9:30am Bedtime
Everything is the same in the morning minus the deep clean...
6:30pm Mass
7:45pm Dinner
8:45pm Bedtime
Saturday2 (the kids leave)
Everything is the same in the morning as the other Saturday
4pm-5pm The boys are picked up by the parents
5pm Cap Corps is off work for the rest of the day until 3pm of Sunday

It is a pretty packed schedule. Right now we haven't done much sight seeing, but as the year goes on we will do more. My kids are pretty good for the most part. Today, though they were being disrespectful to all the hermanas. Some of them are treated better than others. There is a level system going on, but I treat them all the same. Even the birthday boy today, got scolded by me. I find it interesting that I help the kids with their Tarea, but I don't really know the language. I do use it brokenly, but for the most part they understand what I am trying to tell them.
That's all for now, thanks for the response Trazy and Rich. January/February looks like the best time to visit by the way. Miss you all...