Sunday, November 29, 2009

I feel like I just got here....

This has been a tough month physically and mentally. The parasite seems to win all the time.

There has been a lot that has been going on. I am taking yoga classes on Fridays which help with seeing clearly again. I haven't been out of 'Ciudad de los ninos' and that may have to be with the fact that I don't trust myself. Which in turn has been putting a barrier on my language learning. Comfort seems to be the only driving force that is helping me. But, then jealousy rears it's ugly head.

On the brightside of things, we had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner here in Peru. Found a whole turkey, made mashed potato, gravy, salad, fruit salad, and a squash pie. Had 4 0f 5 brothers over. It was quit nice to be in a normal setting with them and just sharing a meal. Then hno. Hugo showed us Achmed (LOL).

We had a wonderful global volunteer by the name of Paula, who really did a great job. Global Volunteers is an organization that is located in different countries all over the world. You can apply to do 1-2 weeks of service. You pay a set price and everything is set for you. All you have to bring is money for extra things you would want.

In the past week, we learned that there is a terrorist group that is killing people for their fat. This past weekend Michael went to Huanco with Hno. Pollo and a few of the boys for a song competition. This city is one of the cities that the killing was done in.

I hope in my next blog, I can just type in spanish. For this one, I needed a small break. Thank you to all for your support and prayers for us.