Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beginning of a new year and Celebrating a birth

Well, Since the time that all the kids came back life here at CDLN has been quit busy. A lot of the beginning dealt with the getting use to a new schedule and the new freedom that we as a community felt we needed. So, my work schedule is a little different then before.

M-R: 5:30 or 5:45am in Nino Jesus
6:30am Breakfast
7:00am Cleaning
8 or 8:15am Laudes/ Mass
9:30am- 12:30pm Free Time
12:50pm Picking up the kiddies
1:45pm Lunch
3:30p-5:30pm In Sonrisa to help with homework
5:30pm Back in Nino Jesus 6:15pm Dinner
7:00pm Alabanza
7:45pm Lavanderia
8:30pm Done

On Fridays, I work half day. Saturday is a no work day. Sunday my schedule goes back to M-R schedule (except for Salidas). On Tuesdays, we have reflection time and on Fridays we do community dinner. On Saturdays, we try to do a community activity in the morning or afternoon. It's been quit a change from what we were doing last school year, but I believe we are getting into the hang of things.

I like it because it gives me a chance to do other things like make a picture frame for our spray paint:
Woke up at 5:47am (I am usually in my pabellon at 5:30am). Had to wake up Nicole (my German friend who is leaving on the 24th) and we had to do a rush dress. Anita had the kids sing 'Happy Birthday' before we left for breakfast. Went to morning mass, but there was no brothers so Hno. Pedro lead it. At the end, they showed up and I thought we were going to have to do it all over again. But, instead Hno. Sergio had me go up for a birthday blessing. It always gets me when they do blessing song. It was beautiful. A lot of picture taking :S

I wanted to go sit down right away, but then the hugs came on. If that was all for that day, I would have been satisfied. But, that was just the beginning. Went back to my pabellon and finished cleaning. Then, Anita told me "Lets go". Two of my ladies from Sonrisa came over and they plus my ladies of Nino Jesus took me out for lunch. It was lovely and very filling. Pollo de brasa, tallarin, breadpudding, papas fritas, and Inca Kola YUM!

Back at CDLN, for more B-day greetings. Took a walk to the market place to get a call card for the next day. Got back and found out there was no Alabanza. I was sad because I love Alabanza. But, oh well... I had a party I needed to attend. The fiesta was memorable. Hno. Pedro, Hno. David, Cesar, Jocelyn, Gabriela, Dina, Guilla, Guilla's little daughter, Anita, Laura, Baby Francisco, Alyssa, Michael, and Jay were all there. Danced with Hno. Pedro and Francisco. Hno. David brought over some Eucharistic wine (me gusta).

Such a beautiful day filled with beautiful people. Best B-day EVER!