Monday, August 24, 2009

one week down... many more to go!

Finding your foot print in a see of many can be difficult and fun at the same time....

Well, one week has finally finished and the 3 of us have survived. I think I am going to go against the grain with this one and go backwards.

Today, we had our first day of spanish school. It was fun. We are attending for 4 hours which are split into first session and second session with a snack break in between. We took a taxi there and was a few minutes late. Our driver actually attend Ciudad De Los Ninos for 3 years. My first session teacher is Edison and my second teacher is Esla "Blue" (She wishes that her last name was blue because it is favorite color ^_^) During my first session we worked on pronunciation and syllabuls. We played hangman for the Abecederio and scrabble for the syllabuls.

For the second session, we worked on introductions. There was a lot of laughs that were had. This is my presente:
Me llamo Tania Brown. Soy estadounidense. Soy voluntaria.

For our ride back it was the same driver. He took us on the scenic route of the coast. It was our first time seeing it in the day light. It was beautiful. We passed a place that translated out to 'jump of the friars' which is a cliff rock on the coast where supposedly friars jumped off to their deaths. The ironic thing about that are is that they have a restaurant named after it.

For 4 days before today, we worked at Ciudad De Los Ninos. It has been quit the experience to work and not know what they are all saying. It has been nice to have bro. Hugo speak english. The ninos are very helpful. In my house, one of the hermana has a daughter who is one year older then the oldest boys. Ella se llama Danna. She really knows how to keep the boys in line, lol. the schedule is the same from Monday to Thursday and then changes for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Next blog I will post the actual schedule).

On Tuesday and Wednesday (the first two full days), we went shopping and to the down town area where the embassy was. We went to Saint Domingo church to see St. francis of de porres and saint Rosa's graves. We also saw a lot of other bodies at Saint Francis church. This church had a large catacumb. It was crazy to see it all and also exciting.

Next blog should be up in about 3 to 5 days or maybe a week later... we will see.
A Hui hou