Friday, February 27, 2009

This Lenten Season...

God has a sense of humor... what type depends on you as an individual. This past week I couldn't help but laugh at all the obstacles I am now faced with. I've been given the opportunity to reflect on me, instead of relfecting on others. Being without a personal computer has been pretty challenging. I have to wait till I get to work to have any time on it. I have to find other ways to pass my time which has become more essential to me achieving my goals.

I have lived a life filled with technology and it wasn't by choice. It is just that it is part of my generation. I have taken this obstacle as a challenge from God... he wants me to be without.

This Lenten season I will pray more (or be aware that I am praying). I will fast once a week (most likely on Friday). I will exclude Red meat, eat less chicken and eat more fish. I will beaware of my actions and eleviate as much negativeness as possible. But, if my spirit jars me then you are just gonna have to take it. I will try to keep my spirit at bay, but what peace is that for me. Gosh, no one can win.

Let this Lenten season be a reminder of ourselves. Let us be aware of what is going on outside and inside.