Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Half way through...

Spending half a year of your life in another state can break you down and build you back up. Will it keep you the same? I hope not.-- Tania Brown

Last year at around this time, I was working a routine. RAing in the dorm, making sure people are following the rules, recruiting/community serving/developing relationships for UCC (now Newman again), advocating for UMADD, interning at the YMCA, and just being me.

I had a lot to think about too and doubt set in me greatly. I made the decision to graduate (even though I was ready for a 7th year). In my mind the end was coming soon. What was I going to do next year?

Presently, I am faced with the same question. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NEXT YEAR? and I really don't know what the answer is. A part of me wants to go international, but that is out of the list. A New York program captivated me in December of last year. Shelly spiked an interest in me for Montana. Lastly, this past Sunday I was projected the want of the people here in Detroit of me staying. I haven't allowed my heart to play a role in my decision yet because it went through a lot the last time I did that. Right now, I am using my head to decide what would be the best. I am looking at experience, skill training, status, and the need of the people.

There is so much to think about and so little time to do so.