Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why am losing things?

Siento que Dios esta tomando todo mis cosas.

This past week I just lost another Cap. brother. I don't want to lose anymore. Brother Vincent Reyes really made my days when I was a volunteer in Detroit, Michigan. I still remember our morning hellos and good-byes. The times we would watch the news/movie/or baseball game in the brothers living room (I still don't know if that was really allowed, lol). He had such a glow to him when ever he was around and boy, could he tell a joke.

The third day of my volunteer time in Detroit, brother Vince told Derek, Gwen, and I that he was a recovering anorexic and the beefalo story. You could always count on him to lighten the room. I also remember when he made Manhattans for us and we just chilled out talking in the dining room sipping on her drinks.

Though all of these were great memories, I still think sitting at the same table with him for the Thursday night dinner were the best. We were quit the joke team, him and I. It was perfect when ever Bro. Ray was also there. He showed me that we do need to be grown-ups, but it doesn't mean that we can't play.

Muchisimas Gracias Hno. Vince por una vida maravillas. Sin ti estaria muy diferente.

Monday, June 21, 2010

To be happy where you are... [Estar feliz donde estas]

I am very happy where I am right now....

This is the most comfortable I have ever felt since being in Peru. They say you must die to live again. In the past week and a half we have received 2 live-in groups and one group that travels in and out from the states. This is about 30 US citizens. 9 high school students, 7 university students, and 11 global volunteers (plus their teacher and chaperones). It's been interesting to have the whole lot of them here. In my pabellon, I have 3 of the high school girls sleeping there. The work load has lessened quit a bit, but i still feel as if i am doing to much. The girls want to help but they have not become accustomed to the speed. Also, they have not learned yet how to clean correctly. I forgot how lazy we can be when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning here at CDLN is not just a pick-up what you see, but it is pretty much a deep clean everyday.

For the past two weekends, I got to go play bowling. I forgot how much I love the sport and how much fun it is to just get out. Our friends, Nya and Manuel always invites us over to their house to hangout. So, it has been a Saturday ritual for me.

My kids are great... they crack me up a lot. They can irritate me too, but what kid doesn't. I am now taking guitar lessons. It's hard, but I am not going to give up.

The Mask: I've been struggling with what people call 'the mask'. Who am I? Why do I pretend? I no longer wear 'the mask' (I think). I am who I am. I am crazy, silly, weird, and yes, ridiculous. If I wasn't, then I must be wearing 'the mask'. Am I serious... 80% of the time---NO! But, when I am you will know.

Alyssa leaves for the states this coming up weekend. It is going to be quit the experience for her. It will be great to get some news back about how the US is doing. I won't be back anytime soon, but when I do go back my mind will defianetly remain open.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BACK!!!

"Yo solo se que no se nada"

Wow, has it been that long since my last blog? I am going to make it goal to do this once a week.

So, much has happened since March. Pain and happiness. I have learned quit a lot about myself. Like, how I am a mirror and can take nothing and make it something or how I can learn a dance by watching it once all the way through (this helps a lot in Alabanza).

Presently, I am the only one of us that is still considered single. Though with time that may change, lol. Life in Peru is ending, but at the same time it is just beginning. For me, I am getting more involved with different activities here. Today, I helped with music for Confirmation and also helped out in the class. I think I might continue to do this if they would like the help. I am still singing for mass.

Oh, for those that don't know... I am presently in Nino Jesus the youngest house. I got switched before the year started. I go to help Sonrisa in the afternoon with homework and clothes. I really like working in NJ because the kids are just more apt to speak to you even if you don't know the language well. A bonus is that one of the tutors has a infant son and well, I love baby's so that pretty much says it all.

I have three friends in Peru and I need to figure out how to see them. Well, I will let you all know if I do in the next blog. Chau....