Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why am losing things?

Siento que Dios esta tomando todo mis cosas.

This past week I just lost another Cap. brother. I don't want to lose anymore. Brother Vincent Reyes really made my days when I was a volunteer in Detroit, Michigan. I still remember our morning hellos and good-byes. The times we would watch the news/movie/or baseball game in the brothers living room (I still don't know if that was really allowed, lol). He had such a glow to him when ever he was around and boy, could he tell a joke.

The third day of my volunteer time in Detroit, brother Vince told Derek, Gwen, and I that he was a recovering anorexic and the beefalo story. You could always count on him to lighten the room. I also remember when he made Manhattans for us and we just chilled out talking in the dining room sipping on her drinks.

Though all of these were great memories, I still think sitting at the same table with him for the Thursday night dinner were the best. We were quit the joke team, him and I. It was perfect when ever Bro. Ray was also there. He showed me that we do need to be grown-ups, but it doesn't mean that we can't play.

Muchisimas Gracias Hno. Vince por una vida maravillas. Sin ti estaria muy diferente.


  1. I remember having an extended conversation with him at Triduum where he explained that all of the calories in a food item were in the last bite, so if you didn't eat the very last bite you couldn't get fat. "They did a study at Stanford," he explained.

    Also, wasn't there some kind of singing bull or something that he had?

  2. Oh, thank you so much for that memory. I remember that any study is true because it was done by Stanford. All his theories were backed up by Stanford. And yes, he had a valentine's day bull. That said: El Toooooorooooo of love.