Thursday, October 1, 2009

Por que no escuches?

A month and a half has passed and I am still here.

Today (10/1/09), I am drained. I have 6 weeks of spanish under my belt and I feel as if i only have 2 weeks. yo se, yo se... we always put ourselves down. For some reason, my kids have a tendency to not listen to me and tease me. At first, it was funny now it is irritating.
I have 22 boys and 1 girl to take care of. Yes, I know all by name. Tonight, I broke a kid down. This boy has tendency to play instead of doing his homework. Well, he wanted my help (ayudame, hermana x10). I refused because he was very disrespectul to me earlier in the day. I asked him why is disrespectful to me? Why doesn't he listen to me? I finally told him that for me to help him I need him to listen to me. I asked him if he can do that. He didn't answer me. I asked 2 more times, then I asked him if it was difficult. By then, he was in tears and answered yes. We got down to the root of the problem. I have decided to work more closely with him to help him.
Language school is going well. I am speaking a lot more and learning alot. i have decided that I don't like the past tense. I wish everything was in present. There is just to much past tense to remember. I was happy to learn 'por' and 'para'. my classmates and I have decided to have lunch once a week together. This past week we ate at 'Rustica', a peruvian restaurant. Michael and Alyssa joined us. A few people had anticucho (cow heart). I had the chicken, lol.
That's all for now... But I will right more if you just ask me.


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