Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Thoughts

Coming from a background where keeping up to date with the government wasn't the Forte, you start to wonder what you missed.  Honestly, I feel as if I haven't missed anything.  Today, marked a big jump in history.  It is the fire and the gasoline that burns the negativeness that has happened in our past.  To bringing a new foundation in which we as a community can grow a better future.  
Obama knows what is expected of him and he knows he isn't superman.  People heed to his words:  It may not happen over night or month or a year from now, but I promise that it will happen.  I hope that we as citizens of America can take these words and internalize them for our own individual selves.  Maybe we would be able to get that degree or go on that trip that we wanted.  Nothing can happen unless we will ourselves to do something.  
Obama also said that to see change we need to work with him.  things won't get done faster if we just sit and watch a leader do it.  That is why they are leaders, they gather all those that have the will in order to lead them to the way.  

May all of you take heed to what Obama had to say, coming from a non-political personality it is serious.  If I had to talk politics, what is written here is what I would say.  God Bless everyone and God Speed America.

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