Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year Equals New Routes

I believe I am starting this New Year off right… I got 7 hours of sleep and had money on me at the stroke of midnight (a family tradition). It feels great to be in this year of 2009. With all the negative things that is happening in our country, I can’t help but feel joyous and happy with where I am at. With every New Year comes what our society calls “Resolutions”. 

Ahhhh, that infamous list of taking away and barely gaining. “I want to lose weight”… “I want to stop smoking”… “I want to find love”. We focus so much on the things we hate/ dislike about our life at that moment that we don’t focus on the good that we are. Why get rid of all your nasty habits when you can focus on making the good ones BETTER

This year I choose to resolve the following:
  1. Walk for 30 min. 4 days a week (build up to a run)
  2. Go to the YMCA for strength and cardio on the weekdays (if I miss one make it up on the weekend)
  3. Call my family once a week (twice would be a miracle)
  4. Share my story with others (those who know me, knows that this is very hard for me)
  5. Commit to my community for 6 hours a week (and strive for more each week)
  6. Eat vegetables for all meals and meat for 2 meals a week.

I believe this will do for now, the one thing about resolutions is that they are meant to be revised and I know for sure I will be coming back to this list. May your journey to better yourself this year be successful. Let’s make the change we need happen. GODSPEED!!!

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